Heat Treatment for BedBugs

Bed bugs are a tough bunch. When it comes to bed bugs you need to have several tools in your tool belt to fight off the nasty pests. In addition to our standard bed bug treatment services we also offer full thermal heat treatment, which provides the absolute most effective solution to handling a bed bug infestation.

 How Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work?

Heat treatment simply involves raising the temperature of your home to extreme levels to kill any and all bed bugs that may be residing inside. The main benefit that heat treatment has over other treatment methods is that the heat reaches 100% of your home. Since heat permeates every crack and crevice in your home including places you can’t see, it is the best weapon to kill all bed bugs and their eggs.

Heat treatment involves raising the temperature to over 180 degrees F. At this temperature, bed bugs cannot survive and will die within hours assuming there are no compromises in your home by crevices or cracks in the walls or home exterior, which would allow heat or the bed bugs to escape.

 Most Effective Bed Bug Treatment

While we guarantee our work on every job we do, it’s important to keep in mind that some methods are inherently more ‘fool-proof’ than others. Killing bed bugs with heat is extremely effective simply based on the fact that bed bugs cannot hide from the heat at all. The only two options for a bed bug when faced with a heat treatment is to find a way out of your home or die. That’s it.

 Monitoring the Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

To ensure total success of the heat treatment, we keep the temperatures in your home to 140 degrees F for over 2 hours and preferably longer to ensure full completion of the treatment. The key is to sustain extremely high temperatures consistently without fluctuation to kill all the bed bugs in all of their hiding places.

 Staying Out of the Home During Heat Treatment

Your home will be incredibly hot during the process and you will not be permitted to be inside during the treatment due to the extreme heat. It’s best to have the treatment performed when you do not need to be inside your home for an extended period of time. We don’t want to take any chances, which is why we recommend setting aside a whole day when you won’t need to be in your home.

We will help assist you in any questions you have about the heat treatment process and any preparations you would need to make to your home beforehand.

Call us today and let us guide you through the best options you have to address your bed bug problem before it gets even worse. We provide thermal heat treatment to both residential and commercial establishments in all over the Emirates.  24/7 Hotline  (050) 7586000

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